Monday morning rush…



Is it time to wake up my kids? Do I have the breakfast ready? Oh, I need to make the to-do list for today! There’s that errand I have to run…..

And the list goes on and on. Or shall I say thoughts begin rolling in and out like the tides, but while the mind falls in a trance watching the waves and their nightcaps, it is thrown into a frenzy keeping up with the never ending train of thoughts!

I call this Rush and it’s not good at all except in the Rush Hour series. It’s bad like the sugar rush that thrusts us into a not-so-fun roller coaster ride. Maybe it’s not really our fault – our brains were wired to be on a fight or flight state – to be always ready to respond. But hey what is it we need to respond to? Flight schedules? Project deadlines? Appointments? Yes! they are in a way important for our existence but for our survival?? I guess not.

The message is simple – Stay in the now…

Coming back to Rush, it’s Monday morning, a new day and a new week. Ask yourself just one question “How am I feeling right NOW?” Listen to your answer…stay with it just for a bit. It’s enough to guide your day! You can ask it over and over again during the week.

Have a great week!!





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