What to do when you have Blogger’s Block?

Actually nothing!!

That’s what I have been doing lately… It is what it is, a block, an uninspired phase, and there’s only one thing I can do about it – Ignore!

It doesn’t matter what you write – long thought-provoking posts or something smaller like I usually do. But an idea is an important ingredient of a blog post because it gives birth to the content. And without the content, a blog post is immaterial.

So what is my take on blogger’s block?

Sometimes my brain needs a break, a little nap before I am struck with the next creative idea. So I try not to worry over the next blog post. Instead, I spend time painting, listening to new releases from Spotify and reading a book or two. Right now I am reading Gone With The Wind and The Cooked Seed and I am also looking forward to trying Gouache paints! The important thing is to keep doing whatever it is you have been but also try new things. I think novelty breaks monotone and jumpstarts the creative fire.

Another thing that I have learned is to read others’ posts on this topic. It’s so freeing when you realize you are not alone, that there are many out there who also battle this block from time to time. Realizing this truth has inspired me to write this post but I also wrote this post as a gentle reminder to myself the next time I fall prey to blogger’s block!



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