It’s a beautiful day

Is it? Sure enough there’s sun shining down brightly and an absolutely cloudless blue sky, but every day is beautiful in some way or other. So why today?

I was wondering about all this as I sat by the large window, relishing sips of ginger and black pepper tea and bites of something I had prepared for the first time – a barley salad (I will share the recipes in a future post).

My point is, I think I found this day extraordinary only because I was looking at it from a different perspective. First I picked a spot that I don’t usually, maybe because it’s further away and requires climbing steps (lazy me). And secondly I picked something healthy and wholesome to munch on. I was enjoying the view so much that I found myself relishing every bite of my breakfast as well as feeling inspired enough to pen this post!

This makes me think how many times I might have overlooked the specialness of a day just because I was in a rush or going about my day working the same old boring way!

Well now I am ready to take on the day, chores and all! A little bit of novelty brings a breath of fresh air to the day.🌿


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