My yoga routine

I’d intended to post this yesterday, June 21, International Yoga Day! But anyway here it is – a casual post on my yoga routine – one that I try to practice as often as possible. I have not described the poses in detail as you can find lot of good information regarding that on the web. I just want to share how yoga heals and relaxes and the benefits I derive from them. I have also mentioned when not to perform some of the poses.

  1. Sun salutation (suryanamaskar) – I always start my routine with a couple of rounds of this set of 12 poses to warm up and let me tell you it’s quite a workout! I have written a post on this – People with high blood pressure, heart problems, back issues or those who are pregnant should avoid this.
  2. Tree pose (vriksasana) – It is a standing pose that involves balancing on one leg at a time while raising the hands. It builds balance and strengthens the ankles and calf muscles. I usually hold this pose for 4-5 deep breaths on each leg. Someone with high blood pressure should not raise their hands and those with any kind of balancing issues should take the support of a wall to perform this pose.
  3. Warrior (virabhadrasana) 1 and 2 poses – These are also standing poses that build balance and focus. I especially love warrior 2 pose. It instantly grounds me whenever I am in need to. People with blood pressure and cardiac problems should however avoid them.
  4. Seated forward bend (paschimottanasana) – This is a seated pose and gives me a good spinal stretch. It also acts as a stress buster. I relax into this pose for at least a minute. It should be avoided by people with asthma and back problems.
  5. Head-to-knee forward bend (janu sirsasana) – Quite similar to the seated forward bend, it is also a stress buster as well as good for digestion. It should be avoided in case of low back pain, pregnancy or knee problems.
  6. Seated spinal twist (ardha matsyandrasana) – I love this pose! It stimulates the liver and kidneys and helps in digestion. The twisting part opens up the chest. It should be avoided in case of low back pain.
  7. Child pose (balasana) – A very simple and restful seated pose, I use it to take a minute long break to cool down and rest. It is so relaxing.
  8. Wind relieving pose (pavanmuktasana) – It is a supine pose where the legs are brought up to the chest. It is excellent for relieving gas from intestines. I also find it quite calming and relaxing for my spine.
  9. Happy baby pose (ananda balasana) – What can I say? The name says it all! Do you really feel happy and content? Well you have to try!
  10. Bridge pose (setu bandhasana) – I find this one of the most simple and effective poses. It builds strength in the abdomen as well as the legs. It strengthens the spine and calms the nervous system. It also relieves menstrual and menopausal issues. Of course it should be avoided in case of neck pain or back or knee injuries.
  11. Supine bound angle (supta baddha konasana) – It is a great hip and shoulder opener and very relaxing. I think it is a great pose to unwind at the end of a long tiring day!
  12. Corpse (shavasana) – I use this very restful pose to end my practice.

Happy yoga


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