Artistro Watercolors – why I love them!

Feeling the need to try new watercolors? Here’s one – Artistro that you’ll find both on their website http://artistro.com as well as on amazon!

It’s complete! A grab n go set stocked with everything I need – a brush, pencil with eraser and a sharpener, sponge and a brush pen – all at my fingertips!

The Colors! There are 48 of them – beautiful, vibrant and non toxic and they include 4 fluorescent and 4 metallic ones too!
AND I love how rich and deep the pigments are!

Did I mention the PACKAGING? It’s a gorgeous mint green box that is snug enough to carry in my handbag!😍 Perfect for travel!

Awesome! Isn’t it? So if you’re interested in getting one for yourself use my code SIMPLYSEEMA to get 10% off both at Artistro.com and Amazon USA, Canada, UK, and Germany!



Have a wonderful day😍