Color therapy – the perfect Lilac

The water turns a pretty shade of lilac as I paint some hydrangeas. And as the morning light dances on the bowl, the color comes to life…..

and so do the hydrangeas…


Color therapy – Yellow

You did not expect to see a picture of fruit custard, did you?

I did not intend to post one either! But from the moment I took this picture, I was smitten by its joyful nature and knew that it would certainly make its way into my blog.

The buttery yellow vanilla custard topped with translucent mango-flavored jello cubes, golden nuggets of mango (which you can’t see in the picture) and little gems of red grapes with a sprinkling of chopped almonds, all tied up together in a pretty little bowl in canary yellow (and some parrot green)…..So much joy and so much love – a feast for my eyes and soul!

My mom often made this dessert when I was a kid. Sometimes she layered the custard on pieces of left over pound cake which tasted absolutely heavenly. The color of the custard, sometimes the pink of strawberry and at other times pale yellow of vanilla was always topped with a layer of fruits followed by another layer of bright red or orange jello.

Too pretty to eat!