A Collage of many Blooms

Usually, I do not ever complete an entire collage of painting in one sitting, but yesterday it was different! Both my kids were home (recuperating from flu) and I badly needed a break. So while I listened to some of my favorite tracks on the Spotify, I picked up my brush and watercolor palette to paint a flower or two.

One painting led to another and yet another until every color on my palette was used up and I ended up filling the entire page with floral illustrations!

Therapeutic, satisfying, nurturing …..this is how I felt in the end.

Happy 1st anniversary to my Blog

It’s been such a creative ride! Thank you, WordPress for providing such a beautiful space to express my thoughts and learn from fellow bloggers.

Thank you also to all the kind folks who take time out to stop by my blog!

Thought today was the perfect day to post these potted flowers that I painted some time ago.