Monochromatic mood

#Worldwatercolormonth   #July    Day 24    #Doodlewash

A monochromatic mood in blues,




and purples……







Take a Break!

#worldwatercolormonth #Doodlewash

Take a break….not just on a Sunday, but everyday even if it’s only for a couple of minutes to a half hour – to stretch your back, breathe or even meditate.

It’s so easy to get mired in the complexities of day to day life, to wander away into the meandering paths of social media world, to get bogged down by worries real or imagined.

Take a break every now and then, whenever you can. Get grounded into a warrior pose. Close your eyes just for a few seconds and let those ocular muscles relax….just for a bit!




#July photo a day challenge   #citysonnet

#Day 19

Every time I see waves, A song for Hal comes to my mind –

and every little wave had its night cap on

its night cap white cap night cap on

and every little wave had its night cap on

so very very early in the morning…..


And with these lines come precious memories of my kids when they were babies…..Isn’t it strange that memories move like waves, sometimes rushing and sometimes softly lapping like the soft gurgling of the little angels!

Sunshine on Yosemite valley

#July #WorldWatercolorMonth #sunshine

It was a beautiful day in the Yosemite Valley. Under the bright June sun, everything seemed to wake up to its brightest potential. Was it my perception or did the sky looked bluer, the pines greener! I stood there awestruck by the colossal granite cliffs rising behind the sea of gilded blades of grass. Is this heaven on earth?


Yosemite valley comes alive under a June’s sun