Nature’s pace

I wake up early these days to catch a few uninterrrupted minutes. So much happens in these moments as I examine the swirls rising from my tea, the sun bursting forth through the clouds and the light permeating every crevice on earth, dew drops glistening off the blades of grass, a blue jay fluffing itself and the sound of quiet…

WPC – Variations on a theme – the sky at daybreak

Every morning upon waking I peek at the eastern sky ’cause that’s where all the drama takes place and I’m never disappointed! No, I’m awed and stunned by the aerial play – the pinks, lilacs and blues, sometimes muted and at other times intense, the stratus, strato nimbus and cirrus clouds, sometimes solitary and at other times clustered, always moving on and of course theĀ vast plain sky baring the planet Venus and the not-yet-set moon!