Trail Tales

Hit the trail this morning and look what I found😀…blue sky, sun peeking out from behind the tall trees, pretty little weed flowers and a white hibiscus!!💕 What more inspiration does one need to step out under the wide open sky!!


Flower of the day – Begonia

I have been watching these blossoms for the last few days on my walks, but did not think much of them until this morning when I zoomed into them and boy, what a difference it made!

Each little blossom was a beauty and the morning light simply heightened its glory. There were some in reds too, but these fragile pink ones took my breath away!!


The blossoms of spring


The first blossoms on the Bradford Pear trees are already here singing the song of spring! There’s something magical about walking on the white blossom lined sidewalks these days – the heady, invigorating sense of the advent of spring and a ‘newness’ in the air. Sometimes the March wind comes and blows away the blossoms as they disengage themselves from the branches and fly – just like snowflakes on a snowy day, leaving behind the bright green leaves – the true beginnings of spring.