Monday morning rush…



Is it time to wake up my kids? Do I have the breakfast ready? Oh, I need to make the to-do list for today! There’s that errand I have to run…..

And the list goes on and on. Or shall I say thoughts begin rolling in and out like the tides, but while the mind falls in a trance watching the waves and their nightcaps, it is thrown into a frenzy keeping up with the never ending train of thoughts!

I call this Rush and it’s not good at all except in the Rush Hour series. It’s bad like the sugar rush that thrusts us into a not-so-fun roller coaster ride. Maybe it’s not really our fault – our brains were wired to be on a fight or flight state – to be always ready to respond. But hey what is it we need to respond to? Flight schedules? Project deadlines? Appointments? Yes! they are in a way important for our existence but for our survival?? I guess not.

The message is simple – Stay in the now…

Coming back to Rush, it’s Monday morning, a new day and a new week. Ask yourself just one question “How am I feeling right NOW?” Listen to your answer…stay with it just for a bit. It’s enough to guide your day! You can ask it over and over again during the week.

Have a great week!!





Nourishing face oil

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I am always looking for beauty products that are as natural and non toxic as possible and nothing can be more natural than those you can create on your kitchen countertop with your own hands! So here I present my very own soothing and nourishing face oil for those cold dry wintry months! You can use this oil on your face as such or under your regular moisturizer.

The EO in this recipe stands for essential oil. I buy the Aura Cacia and Now brands from Sprouts or Natural Grocers.

Now for the scoop on the oils! All the oils mentioned here are absolutely amazing for the skin and are so good at moisturizing but they also have some special qualities-

  • Frankincense and Helichrysum are anti-aging with the former working on wrinkles and the latter working on scars and discoloration.
  • Rose is anti-inflammatory but I use it mostly for its uplifting aroma.
  • Lavender is my absolute favorite as it’s so calming. (I add it to almost every recipe).
  • Avocado oil is a carrier oil (something that carries the EOs) as one shouldn’t use EOs directly on skin. It has a good shelf life of about a year and is rich in vitamins A and Bs and oleic acid and boasts some UV protection.
  • Vitamin E has moisturizing and UV protective qualities. It also extends the shelf life of the product!


1 drop frankincense EO

1 drop helichrysum EO

5 drops rose EO

1 drop lavender EO

2 vitamin E oil capsules

60 drops avocado oil

A clean dry amber colored glass bottle with dropper


In a clean dry bottle, add all the ingredients. Keep it in a cool dark place.