July photo a day challenge – River


The beautiful, 145 mi long Merced river flowing from the Sierra Nevada to San Joaquin Valley in California has helped create the panoramic, 8 mi long Yosemite Valley. This picture is from the base of Vernal Falls where the river flows calmly. It was quite a transition – from the thunder of the Falls to the serenity of the quietly flowing river – as if all the aggression had dissolved and everlasting peace was attained. 



Sunshine on Yosemite valley

#July #WorldWatercolorMonth #sunshine

It was a beautiful day in the Yosemite Valley. Under the bright June sun, everything seemed to wake up to its brightest potential. Was it my perception or did the sky looked bluer, the pines greener! I stood there awestruck by the colossal granite cliffs rising behind the sea of gilded blades of grass. Is this heaven on earth?


Yosemite valley comes alive under a June’s sun

Weekly Photo Challenge – all time favorites

All-Time Favorites

Dandelions in the Dusk


I was waiting to post this picture someday….but didn’t think it would serve as a goodbye post to WPC….so soon! 

I love this picture. There’s no story behind it…just me returning from a plain evening walk. But this scene stopped me on my tracks. For a few moment the dandelions morphed into fairy lights as I entered one of the fairyland of Enid Blyton! 



Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely


I almost did not write this post because it was ” unlikely ” I’d find a picture/s and a story to go along. But it’s one of those rainy days and amid the pitter-patter as I browze through some old pictures, each one seems to bring up a memory.

These two pictures stood out from the rest just because I had not seen them in a while. This is a path I remember walking a lot – dawdling as my tots stopped to admire a dandelion and maybe a bluebird perched on one of the posts.


And this one – skirting the green expanse of the park, I remember having walked, jogged and sprinted probably a thousand times – by myself, holding on to a leash or maybe just matching up to the longer, surer strides of my teenagers.

And so it seemed ” unlikely ” to me that I would ever say goodbye to this beloved path….but I did as I stepped into a new trail, my family and I stringing new memories….