My summer

So a week ago I hosted a watercolor challenge (on the suggestion of my daughter) on IG! It was a mini challenge with prompts related to my favorite season – Summer! And I’m going to share my work from that challenge. It was a wonderful experience and it was refreshing to see some very beautiful pieces of artworks by talented artists on instagram.

My favorite summer dessert!

I used to love the mountains and streams (and I still do) but the sea has changed me. The wide blue skies, the turquoise waters and the golden beach….need I say more?

I totally believe in this quote by Kellie Elmore. Do you?

What is your favorite thing to do on summer days/evenings? Stargazing is one of my fav activities (not just during summer) and whenever I spot the Orion I’m ecstatic!

Florals are my favorite things to paint not just with watercolors but also digitally on procreate. And dragonflies have become my signature style as I just can’t stop painting them!

Tell me what do you love most about summer? I would really love to hear from you!

Until the next post😀


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#Day 19

Every time I see waves, A song for Hal comes to my mind –

and every little wave had its night cap on

its night cap white cap night cap on

and every little wave had its night cap on

so very very early in the morning…..


And with these lines come precious memories of my kids when they were babies…..Isn’t it strange that memories move like waves, sometimes rushing and sometimes softly lapping like the soft gurgling of the little angels!