Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile



Spring is here in full bloom and so are these minuscule wildflowers, blanketing the surface of earth and bringing a smile on my face every time I head out for a walk!

IMG_20180330_115637818 (2)

There’s just something about them – what is it? Is it their fragility or their vibrant hues…but oh! they look so vulnerable and beautiful.


As I step out, I always pause and look out for them….

IMG_20180330_115824246 (1)

They never fail to light up my face and brighten my day!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sunrise



One early morning in the first week of March I woke up to this breathtaking drama unfolding in the eastern sky. I grabbed my phone and was lucky to capture this moment because the colors started fading even as I was snapping away. It’s almost end of March and I have yet to witness a sunrise like this!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite place

Favorite Place

My paint palette

This is my favorite place, my happy place – my palette of colors, sometimes acrylic but mostly watercolors in bright greens and blues and lots of burning oranges and crimsons. It is a happy colorful place where things happen – blobs give way to shapes and forms and sometimes an entire garden of poppies and roses come to life. It’s a place where I lose track of time, a place I want to stay for just one more minute!

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