Weekly Photo Challenge – Liquid


This is a picture from one late afternoon as I watched the sun caress the surface of a lake. It was a sight to behold – dappled sunlight shimmering like crystals and a cool breeze blowing ripples on the placid water. 



Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely


I almost did not write this post because it was ” unlikely ” I’d find a picture/s and a story to go along. But it’s one of those rainy days and amid the pitter-patter as I browze through some old pictures, each one seems to bring up a memory.

These two pictures stood out from the rest just because I had not seen them in a while. This is a path I remember walking a lot – dawdling as my tots stopped to admire a dandelion and maybe a bluebird perched on one of the posts.


And this one – skirting the green expanse of the park, I remember having walked, jogged and sprinted probably a thousand times – by myself, holding on to a leash or maybe just matching up to the longer, surer strides of my teenagers.

And so it seemed ” unlikely ” to me that I would ever say goodbye to this beloved path….but I did as I stepped into a new trail, my family and I stringing new memories….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite place

Favorite Place

My paint palette

This is my favorite place, my happy place – my palette of colors, sometimes acrylic but mostly watercolors in bright greens and blues and lots of burning oranges and crimsons. It is a happy colorful place where things happen – blobs give way to shapes and forms and sometimes an entire garden of poppies and roses come to life. It’s a place where I lose track of time, a place I want to stay for just one more minute!

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