Color therapy – Yellow

You did not expect to see a picture of fruit custard, did you?

I did not intend to post one either! But from the moment I took this picture, I was smitten by its joyful nature and knew that it would certainly make its way into my blog.

The buttery yellow vanilla custard topped with translucent mango-flavored jello cubes, golden nuggets of mango (which you can’t see in the picture) and little gems of red grapes with a sprinkling of chopped almonds, all tied up together in a pretty little bowl in canary yellow (and some parrot green)…..So much joy and so much love – a feast for my eyes and soul!

My mom often made this dessert when I was a kid. Sometimes she layered the custard on pieces of left over pound cake which tasted absolutely heavenly. The color of the custard, sometimes the pink of strawberry and at other times pale yellow of vanilla was always topped with a layer of fruits followed by another layer of bright red or orange jello.

Too pretty to eat!


Nature’s pace

I wake up early these days to catch a few uninterrrupted minutes. So much happens in these moments as I examine the swirls rising from my tea, the sun bursting forth through the clouds and the light permeating every crevice on earth, dew drops glistening off the blades of grass, a blue jay fluffing itself and the sound of quiet…

Trail Tales

Hit the trail this morning and look what I found😀…blue sky, sun peeking out from behind the tall trees, pretty little weed flowers and a white hibiscus!!💕 What more inspiration does one need to step out under the wide open sky!!

Beauty of the weed flowers

Pause and admire the weed flowers sometimes! My eyes always fall upon the nameless beauties we often refer to as ‘weed flowers’ – fragile, miniscule but so vibrant in their hues. 


This is Yellow rocketcress I found blooming off the walking trail next to a small stream.

And this is Sherardia arvensis, very tiny purplish hued flowers! I had to really zoom into them.

And finally this is Henbit deadnettle, still in a slumber ( it was still early )! The ground on either side of the trail was swarming with these ‘sleeping beauties’. I might have to take an afternoon walk to actually admire them in their full bloom.

July photo a day challenge – Horizon

#July photo a day challenge #citysonnet

This spectacular picture of the horizon was taken by my daughter. So the credit goes entirely to her. I was probably zoned out after spending an amazing gratifying day at Yosemite Valley with my family. As we drove, leaving the valley behind, the magnificent sculptures of granite kept reappearing in the distance with every curve and turn until the sun went to rest for the day and the horizon turned a deep blue, violet and mauve and the landscape more tame with soft gentle rolling hills in the distance. I was not ready to say goodbye to this beautiful day!



#July photo a day challenge   #citysonnet

#Day 19

Every time I see waves, A song for Hal comes to my mind –

and every little wave had its night cap on

its night cap white cap night cap on

and every little wave had its night cap on

so very very early in the morning…..


And with these lines come precious memories of my kids when they were babies…..Isn’t it strange that memories move like waves, sometimes rushing and sometimes softly lapping like the soft gurgling of the little angels!

July photo a day challenge – River


The beautiful, 145 mi long Merced river flowing from the Sierra Nevada to San Joaquin Valley in California has helped create the panoramic, 8 mi long Yosemite Valley. This picture is from the base of Vernal Falls where the river flows calmly. It was quite a transition – from the thunder of the Falls to the serenity of the quietly flowing river – as if all the aggression had dissolved and everlasting peace was attained. 



Sunshine on Yosemite valley

#July #WorldWatercolorMonth #sunshine

It was a beautiful day in the Yosemite Valley. Under the bright June sun, everything seemed to wake up to its brightest potential. Was it my perception or did the sky looked bluer, the pines greener! I stood there awestruck by the colossal granite cliffs rising behind the sea of gilded blades of grass. Is this heaven on earth?


Yosemite valley comes alive under a June’s sun