Autumn themed digital products!

Autumn’s here in her deepest and most vibrant version and Thanksgiving is not very far! So here are a few digital products I’ve created to help you make this season even more memorable!

1. Glorious Autumn digital papers – Fourteen of them! In beautiful fall colors for you to use them in your scrapbooking projects, digital planners, greeting cards, party invites or anything else!

2. Beauty of Autumn digital stickers – 40 of them! Pre-cropped and individual PNGs for you to use them with your GoodNotes planner or other purposes! Cute pumpkins, pretty coffee cups, thanksgiving quotes and days of the week – you’ll find them all here!

So do stop by my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/designsbyartsygals to see more!

Have an awesome day😍


Tulips on the window

A bunch of tulips is what I need to spruce up this little corner in my kitchen and with the bright spring morning light streaming through the windows, everything feels ok…..
…..the simple things!!

I used my metallic gold from the Komorebi watercolor palette for the first time.. on the faucet and the knobs on the cabinets! This was my entry for an art challenge on instagram.


Whimsical forest

Deep in the forest flows a babbling stream lined with tall blue grass and scarlet red mushrooms. Dragonflies dance in the sunlight streaming through the tall foliage. There’s a cool breeze blowing. In between an occasional croak, and the warbler’s notes lies a soft hush.

Hours go by in this quiet little place. Sunlight begins to retrace its steps and in the light of the setting sun the dragonflies begin to change little by little. One rests on a rock…..

Welcome to the land of whimsical!


My Etsy shop

I recently opened a shop called Designsbyartsygals on Etsy with my daughter!

I mostly use watercolor and love to paint flowers especially poppies. I can always feel the summer breeze when I paint poppies. I also love peonies – there’s just something about the arrangement of their petals and their overall shape that makes them so beautiful.

I also love painting landscapes mostly simplistic. Here’s one I did from a memory of a visit to South Beach, Miami. I was blown away by the warm blue green waters and the vast expanse of the golden beach.

Here are two more mini landscapes I did in watercolor. You will find them all in my shop!

And here are some of my daughter’s artwork you will find in my etsy shop. They have been done in acrylic. The left one is called Minimalistic Abstract Art’ and the right one is called Glittering Ocean Waves.

Please do stop by our shop and have a look at our art. Many thanks:)))

A daily ritual

Yesterday after more than a month, I picked up my daily ritual of yoga stretches. I knew there was something missing. I could feel it in my bones! When you take a pause from your daily ritual, you don’t feel anything for sometime but after a while it starts taking its toll on you and considering the chaos we are already experiencing around us these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed and let our emotions get the better of us.

My daily ritual got lost somewhere in all of this – that little peaceful corner in my mind, no longer accessible…. And so patience started running short and the creative tank a little stale. Something was indeed missing! How do I refuel?

Stretching through the asanas followed by a few minutes of quiet breathing brought me back home – to that place of groundedness and calm. In the soft light of the early morning I listened to only one thing – sound of my breath…..

Skin friendly essential oil – Helichrysum

If I could add another essential oil to my list of favorites ( lavender being my no.1 ), it would be Helichrysum.


First some facts – I bought this little bottle at my local Sprouts. It is sold in a carrier oil,  jojoba. It has a herbaceous and honey like aroma and as it says on the bottle, it is “restoring” which means it helps skin heal. Even though it was a tad pricey, it is totally worth!

I love this oil for only one reason – skin benefits!

  • Dryness – As temperature and humidity dips in fall and winter, dryness takes over and it can be pretty rough (pun intended) on my skin especially the hands. To combat this I keep a concoction of helichrysum and rose oils using avocado oil as a carrier. All these oils including the jojoba (carrier oil for helichrysum) are extremely soothing and healing for the skin while the rose oil lends its heavenly aroma to the mixture.

My recipe for this is very simple – I add about 4 drops of helichrysum and 6 drops of rose to 200 drops of avocado oil in an amber colored glass bottle with a dropper and massage  3-4 drops into my skin whenever needed. I keep this oil combo on my kitchen counter at room temperature as I discovered early on that it solidifies in the refrigerator.

Other uses of this oil – I have used this on someone with eczema and psoriasis of scalp too and it has worked well.

  • Eczema can creep up with changes in the weather or stress and it leaves the skin inflamed. I use the same recipe mentioned above for healing the rawness using a couple of drops on the area affected.
  • Psoriasis (of scalp) – This is an autoimmune disorder and does not have a cure. You just need to give your skin a lot of TLC! For this I use 2-3 drops of Helichrysum oil alone and massage it into the area especially after a bath when the skin is still soft and absorbent.
  • Anti-aging – It is only natural that an oil with so many skin benefits is also anti-aging! While it helps combat dryness and inflammation, it is believed to work on wrinkles too!