My Etsy shop

I recently opened a shop called Designsbyartsygals on Etsy with my daughter!

I mostly use watercolor and love to paint flowers especially poppies. I can always feel the summer breeze when I paint poppies. I also love peonies – there’s just something about the arrangement of their petals and their overall shape that makes them so beautiful.

I also love painting landscapes mostly simplistic. Here’s one I did from a memory of a visit to South Beach, Miami. I was blown away by the warm blue green waters and the vast expanse of the golden beach.

Here are two more mini landscapes I did in watercolor. You will find them all in my shop!

And here are some of my daughter’s artwork you will find in my etsy shop. They have been done in acrylic. The left one is called Minimalistic Abstract Art’ and the right one is called Glittering Ocean Waves.

Please do stop by our shop and have a look at our art. Many thanks:)))


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