Feeling nostalgic?

Come Monday morning and I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia and it got bigger by the hour. Living far from your folks across the globe, does that to you and it’s always a single thought that provokes a cycle of old memories. I googled about how to deal with ‘nostalgia’ (haha) and ended up even more overwhelmed than before as my eyes ran through some ridiculous and boring suggestions! The grey overcast and drizzle outside was not exactly helping me either. My dog was not in the mood for a conversation! There was leftover food from the day before so there was no cooking needed. And I didn’t know what to paint!

So I (reluctantly) stayed with my thoughts that were playing on a never ending loop – old memories, childhood, friendships, choices and on and on….but you can only take so much! Taking a cue from my kids who had played a you tube video on diwali lights the night before (I had loved it), I picked a video on nature – it was long and had some relaxing music to go along – and I let this video play for a couple of hours while I went around my business. Every time I was plagued by a thought, my eyes traveled to the screen, and I instantly felt better.

And so Monday went by (thankfully) and by Tuesday I was back in the mood for some painting. I started on a collage of scenes in watercolor from pictures I’d taken this summer. When I’m done, I’ll post them here for sure. I was still nostalgic but the colors kept me focused on the work.

But the universe was listening to me I guess…..

This morning I picked up Happiness is the Way by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer – these words stood out – “I can control my thoughts. My feelings come from my thoughts. Therefore, I can control my feelings”. As I continued to read, everything began to make sense. I realize now that every emotion stems from a thought and this is why it’s so important to pay attention to our thoughts because they will soon be accompanied by feelings! If I want to feel positive, I should magnify and encourage the positive thoughts and if I have a negative thought (sad, worrisome or angry) coming up, I should immediately discourage it – you know nip it in the bud!

Thinking about a happy past or missing a loved one is totally normal and it’s ok to do that as long as one doesn’t get trapped in the never ending loop of emotions. I have now learned that sending love and gratitude to the person or the memory and then moving on to the task at hand is more useful than wallowing in my thoughts. One might wonder “why not just distract yourself with a book or a movie or your phone”? Well this can work too but sometimes we are too confused to even distract ourselves.

Today is again a very cold and wet day. But I turned on the fairy lights inside and decided to share my thoughts (positive ones) with all of you.

Hope you find this post useful. Have a great day!

It’s a beautiful day

Is it? Sure enough there’s sun shining down brightly and an absolutely cloudless blue sky, but every day is beautiful in some way or other. So why today?

I was wondering about all this as I sat by the large window, relishing sips of ginger and black pepper tea and bites of something I had prepared for the first time – a barley salad (I will share the recipes in a future post).

My point is, I think I found this day extraordinary only because I was looking at it from a different perspective. First I picked a spot that I don’t usually, maybe because it’s further away and requires climbing steps (lazy me). And secondly I picked something healthy and wholesome to munch on. I was enjoying the view so much that I found myself relishing every bite of my breakfast as well as feeling inspired enough to pen this post!

This makes me think how many times I might have overlooked the specialness of a day just because I was in a rush or going about my day working the same old boring way!

Well now I am ready to take on the day, chores and all! A little bit of novelty brings a breath of fresh air to the day.🌿

A Hand lettering journey

Growing up I remember my mom doing a lot of calligraphy. She had some intricate looking pens that she used to write with. I can still recall the scratchy sounds of the nib on paper as she created each letter.

Funny how those memories came flooding back as soon as I began to notice some beautiful hand lettering posts on Instagram! “I must create something like this.” After all these years of lack of practice my lettering skills had gotten a little rusty! How I longed to create those flourishes again……

Did that mean I had to relearn? Maybe….

To my great relief, I found this wonderful little book called Lettering for Planners by Jordan Truster and Jillian Reese of Loveleigh Loops. You can’t find anything simpler than this! I started with a brush pen that I purchased for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby and some graph paper (as I didn’t have dot grid paper). You don’t need a lot of tools. See!

Consistent practice is what makes one better at this art (like any other art)! So I practice whenever I can. Inspired by one of John Muir’s quotes, I created the above piece, I know it’s not perfect…. but I love the journey – learning, improving and most of all enjoying every scenic path!!

One cup at a time

Painting these blue teacups in watercolor was such a pleasure. I used to see paintings of pretty and dainty teacups on Pinterest, and they always reminded me of some other time. Finally one day I was inspired to paint.

I remember seeing rows of dainty teacups in fine china adorning the shelves of the cabinet in my mom’s dining room. Looking back even further, I remember seeing them in my grandma’s kitchen. Hand painted and delicate, those exquisite teacups with matching saucers perched quietly on the high shelves must have listened intently to the conversations around the dining table, observing old and new generations coming together, absorbing their stories…….

I cannot look at teacups without reminiscing about old times!

Love your work

Sometimes all we need to do is to look at all we have done and delight in our talents to feel confident!

Once in a while grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and turn back the pages. Revisit your work – prose, art, photographs – whatever you create on a daily basis.

Really look, express gratitude for your god given gifts, and take pride in them! Love whatever you do and feel the positivity seep back into your life. How many times have we appreciated someone and restored their self worth!

It’s time to extend that tenderness towards your own work.