Love your work

Sometimes all we need to do is to look at all we have done and delight in our talents to feel confident!

Once in a while grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and turn back the pages. Revisit your work – prose, art, photographs – whatever you create on a daily basis.

Really look, express gratitude for your god given gifts, and take pride in them! Love whatever you do and feel the positivity seep back into your life. How many times have we appreciated someone and restored their self worth!

It’s time to extend that tenderness towards your own work.


Happy Women’s Day to all

Today social media was flooded with loving messages dedicated to moms, sisters, daughters, friends, and coworkers. It was heartening to see the underlying message of self love being poured out there. But we need not wait only for ‘today’ to celebrate the women in our lives and remind them to love themselves first. Care and compassion for self should be a daily reminder. There is nothing selfish about this because when we take some time out to nurture ourselves on a regular basis, we feel stronger and better about ourselves, physically and mentally.

Often times we mistake self care for physical acts alone such as pampering ourselves. True, these are some of the ways but they are short-lived. Self love is a daily process!

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake or fail at something? Is it “I suck” or “It’s ok, I learned something from this”.

What do you do when someone puts you down? Do you keep quiet or do you stand up for yourself? Do you mumble a soft ‘yes’ or do you politely but firmly say a ‘no’?

This is self care.

Take a break when you are tired. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Learn to say ‘no’.

Speak up. Stop being a doormat!

Take care of your health, physical and emotional.

Carve out time to walk in nature, relish a cup of coffee, journal, meet up with like minded people, read, paint…..whatever your heart desires!

This is self care.

Pet moment

On a cold morning laced with frost, I drove my kid to school, all the time whining about the temperature and the morning traffic. When I stepped back into my home, my seven-year-old Maltese came to the door, wagging his tail, stretching himself – he had come all the way to the front door to welcome me! He does this every single day – just like the “important” things I have to do – messages to answer, beds to make, countertops to clean and so on.

Today, however, I dropped my bag and keys, picked him up and went straight to the couch. He snuggled into my lap, I ran my fingers through his silky fur. He closed his eyes. No sound except for the wall clock ticking and the morning birds chirping. I closed my eyes lost in the bliss of the moment. Everything else can wait…..

Into the dawn

This morning as I was packing the last sandwich into the lunch bag, my eyes fell on a glow outside.

I opened the blinds on the door and there it was, a pale crimson halo on the horizon against the dark silhouettes of the bare branches of Bradford pear trees.

Usually my next step would have been to reach out for my phone and click away, but I did not do any such thing. Instead I stepped out into the chilly dawn, plunging my hands deep into the pockets of my sweater to keep them warm as I looked upon the horizon and up at the sky.

There was Venus, shining so brightly as always in the dark blue sky above me. A feeling of deep calm engulfed me as I stood there in the coolness, watching a golden hue replacing the crimson. A plane flew by, its lights flickering and then everything turned quiet once more.

It was time to go back inside.