Floral Illustrations in Pen

Here are two illustrations I drew using Micron pens in 01 and 05. I had never attempted this before so I was quite nervous when I took up the draw-with-me challenge on Instagram.

The first one is an illustration of Hydrangeas something I love to watercolor. It was a little tedious drawing so many little flowers. But I was happy how it turned out!

And this is an illustration of Anemone. I had never painted this before so had to take inspiration from photographs. I actually fell in love with this flower! I am looking forward to paint them in watercolors soon.

What I discovered was watercoloring and illustrating with pen were two very different things – night and day – more or less. When I watercolor I allow myself to glide into a dream – really! I let my paintbrush flow with a mind of its own. It is almost like a dance. But when I draw (with a pen), it is a different story. I have to be very focused (no dreaming please)! A lot of detailing is involved in the process. At least this is what I experienced while illustrating these flowers.

In the end I loved the result and would like to create more floral illustrations using pen!


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