Deep in the forest

I’ve always been in awe of the woodlands. The tall pines and oaks, gurgling of the clear streams, the wild berries, and sunlight making its way through the tangled branches….it’s almost as if I’m standing right there taking in the freshness of the pines!

I painted this piece today as a response to an art challenge – Woodland collection – on instagram.

Where are these memories originating from? Is it those long hours of Enid Blyton books I devoured as a kid? Or those hikes I went on with my family? Maybe a little of both!

Nonetheless the woodland is a beautiful, whimsical place! I sometimes wonder what secrets this place holds. Do you?


Flowers and memories from another time

I love flowers – appreciating, painting and photographing!

But whatever little I know about flowers I learned from my mom. She paints as well as plants them and when she talks about them you can simply feel the joyous energy wrap around you!

Peonies and Calendulas in loose watercolors

I remember rows of flowers – dahlias, roses, sunflowers, zinnias and so many others that lined the fence around our home. And I remember the loving care that my mom put into nurturing those beauties that she referred to as her kids sometimes!

As I posted this artwork on instagram today, I was reminded of my mom’s garden, the fence lined with blossoms in pinks, yellows and reds, and the sun shining down brightly on the perfectly manicured green lawn.

New digital products launch!

Looking for some special last minute Valentine themed digital items? I’ve just introduced two new products at my shop

1. Hearts and Roses Patterned digital papers – there are 10 of them in pink and lilac! They have been created on the procreate app and measure 10”x10” each. Ideal for scrapbooking, digital planning, making greeting cards or party invites!

2. Cupcakes, Roses and Hearts Digital Stickers – available as pre-cropped for your digital planner on GoodNotes as well as individual PNGs for other uses! There are over 40 of them including messages and words. All of these have been created using the procreate app.

Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for stopping by😊😊

Good ol’ vibes

Books always give me good ol’ vibes! The always take me back to the summers when I visited my grandparents, to the library my little brother and I sneaked into, to the pages – some yellowing and others crisp where we’d lose ourselves for hours.

Watercoloring a succulent

I started painting a succulent last night and simply couldn’t put down my paintbrush. It was such a meditative experience!

Pretty little thing

If you have not yet, you should definitely give this a try! Painting one leaf at a time, layer after layer, in shades of greens and a little turquoise here and there – I lost track of time!

Have a peaceful weekend😊🙏🏼


I’m mostly a floral person so I’d never imagined painting something so simple such as a sofa would be so much fun and interesting! And that’s the whole point behind art challenges! They help you grow and expand your perspective.

Here’s another prompt – sofa!

Letting in the morning light

Have a great week😊

A watercolor Galaxy

The prompt from an art challenge on my instagram feed stated – Blues, Purples and Violets and I thought how about a “Galaxy”!

So here’s the final product! I usually don’t paint these (maybe they seem a little daunting) but this time I wanted to try something new – to get out of my comfort zone. I tried several techniques before settling for one where I started with some empty white space in the sky gradually adding colors around the space and creating some drama to the sky! The best part was using the Winsor and Newton art masking fluid (for the first time) to create the starry sky and the crescent moon.

Stay safe and have a great day!!

Digital stickers for Goodnotes

In my last post I talked about digital pattern papers. In today’s post I’ll talk about digital stickers. But before I do so let me talk a little about digital planners as they were the reason I created these stickers.

I used to be happy with the organic process of writing, doodling and sometimes even water coloring in my paper planner but for sometime I’d been realizing a need for something more easily accessible like a digital planner (at my fingertips)!

So I decided to try one out. I created a very simple planner using Keynote which comes along with the iPad and then downloaded the planner into the Goodnotes app (a one time purchase). I also created a few stickers on Procreate and dropped them into the goodnotes app before cropping them.

Now I had both the planner as well as the stickers in one app. I started planning out all my to-do lists here taking a lot of help from the stickers! This really sped up my creative process and helped me become more efficient. While I worked on improving my digital planner I also created some more stickers that I put up in my etsy shop.

These stickers are precropped for Goodnotes which means when you purchase and download the sticker files you only need to drag them into your planner. You can then crop them further if you want to. There’s also a zip file with 2 PNG sticker sheets which you can use for other purposes. There are a total of 25 stickers in shades of blue.

Thank you for stopping by! Stay safe and have a great week.

Calm Blue Digital Patterns – the product and the process

Here is the design(s) in blue I was referring to in my last post. I’ve been experimenting with digital patterns lately and have fallen in love with the process of creating them on Procreate app.


This time I am bringing a set of 10 digital pattern papers. Each one is 12x12in and has been created on a procreate canvas with a resolution of 300 DPI. You might recognize one of them ( the one with small blue flowers ) from my last post.

These can either be printed out to be used for crafts, cards or scrapbooking purposes OR simply used digitally as backgrounds or wallpapers. Although they are 12×12 in they would still work for 8.5x11in projects.


1. I started out creating each pattern on a 12x12in Procreate canvas using a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). This is important if you want a crisp image.

2. Using the app Canva I created a few mockup images for a better presentation. It’s totally up to you and with Canva you can go totally crazy (creatively)!

3. The final step is uploading the images on Etsy and filling in the boxes. You can save as draft until you’re ready to publish it.

In my next post I will talk about my other product – digital stickers and how you create them!


Hello again!

Some of you must be familiar with this herb called Holy Basil also known as Tulsi in India. It’s a fragrant herb used as an ingredient both in cooking as well as in traditional medicine like Ayurveda!

It seems strange but as I looked at the art prompt “houseplants”yesterday on instagram, the first thing that came to mind was this herb with memories of the pretty plant sitting snug in a clay pot in my mom’s yard.

What I remember most about it growing up in India was the “tulsi tea” that my mom often brewed to cure a cough. She plucked fresh leaves and let them boil in the water along with tea leaves before adding some milk and sugar. I loved that tea – the fragrance and the warmth of it all.

So this is it for now. I hope to write more often.

Take care and stay safe!

Wild poppies and buttercups

If you’re like me and already missing summer (here in the northern hemisphere), here’s a cheerful summery digital illustration of wild poppies and buttercups for you! I’ve created this on procreate app on a canvas 10 in x 10 in. The inspiration came from some watercolor poppies I had painted sometime ago!

This is available for download in my Etsy store

The same print is also available on various items in my red bubble shop! You can find them on tapestry, stickers, tote bags, journal covers and several other items besides the ones below.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy thanksgiving!