The Bokeh Effect

Have you noticed that out-of-focus blur while taking a picture?

Do you see the bubble like things in the background of the painting below?

Welcome to the world of Bokeh!

I learned about painting bokeh from an art collab on Instagram where a group of artists came together to create artworks with a bokeh background.

The first time I felt like backing out as I found it very difficult to paint despite watching several videos on bokeh! I had never been this frustrated… neither of the papers I use for my watercolors proved to be useful!

I was about to throw in the towel when I picked up a scrap paper from Canson Acrylic pad (mostly used by my daughter) and decided to give one last try. I cannot express my delight at the sight of the little ‘bokeh’ effects I got right on this paper!

A little bit of the process

  • Wet the paper on different places.
  • Using different colors dab the brush on the wet surface.
  • Add darker colors at some places.
  • Let the paper dry completely.
  • Using a wet brush create small circles here and there. These circles will appear faded or white depending upon how many times you use the wet brush on them. (Don’t overdo it or else the paper may start tearing) you don’t want that..right?
  • Ta-da! Your bokeh is ready!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have an awesome day😊👩‍🎨


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